Snorkeling Tours For Your Family Vacation

Captain Bryan is currently booking Snorkeling Tours in Destin, Florida. Destin's Gulf of Mexico coastline and bay has emerald waters with picturesque views above and underwater. Snorkeling is a family-friendly water activity that all ages can enjoy.

What Does The Tour Include?

Sailaway's Snorkeling Tour includes all necessary equipment and some extras, including masks, snorkels, noodles, nets, and buckets. The charter also comes with a lilypad to enjoy on the water. In addition, Captain Bryan provides iced coolers, so please bring your favorite beverages and snacks.

Where Will We Go?

Captain Bryan knows several snorkeling locations, including the Choctawhatchee Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. While snorkeling in the shallows (waist-deep), there are many shells and marine life to spot. You'll search for sand dollars on a snorkeling tour to deeper waters. The depth of water you go to will depend on your snorkeling experience and whether you have small children.

Family-Friendly Tours

Captain Bryan welcomes your family aboard Sailaway Pontoon Charters. He loves helping you make the best memories on your family vacation. If you have special needs, please let him know when booking your trip so he can accommodate you. His family-friendly tours are the perfect water adventure for a group of six or fewer.

First-Time Snorkelers Welcome

Suppose it is your first time snorkeling; the experience may cause nervousness. However, your charter captain has years of experience, and safety is always his top priority. Captain Bryan will give you instructions and helpful tips to ensure everyone is comfortable and safe. In unforeseen emergencies, he has first aid and CPR certifications.

Book A Snorkeling Tour

Don't hesitate to call 850-376-4757 if you are ready to book a Snorkeling Tour in Destin, Florida. Dates fill quickly for the spring and summer, so reserve your trip as soon as possible. You can check out some of Captain Bryan's tours on Sailaway's YouTube Channel or follow and like Sailaway on Facebook and Instagram